Getting to Know the Band

The annual New Horizons Wisconsin Band Camp is just around the corner:  September 7-9th.  It’s a fabulous opportunity to make music, share friendship and fun with like minded musicians from around the country and even the world.  For more information and a camp brochure, contact:

Love Music?

Then Join The Band!


The Madison New Horizons Swing and Concert Bands have openings for a variety of instruments.  If you are interested and would like to learn more about this opportunity to make music, please contact us  at  We will gladly answer questions and invite you to visit us or sit in at a rehearsal or two.

Because it’s all about the music, which means it’s all about the way each band member, whether concert or swing band, adds their sound to the whole. Get to know the band members in these brief profiles, which are posted from time to time as part of the series, Getting to Know the Band.

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