Profile of Enid Williams

What first brought you to the New Horizons Band?

I was in another Madison-area band but needed a change. Since I live in McFarland and tend to do things most regularly that are most convenient, when I learned rehearsal was mere minutes from my house I was definitely interested. 

Why do you play the instrument you play? 

Originally (age 9) I was very interested in piccolo, but I was told I would have to play flute first. I think the school band already had enough flutes, so I was subtly encouraged to take up clarinet. Then I heard a Benny Goodman record and I was hooked.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your experience w/ NHB?

Meeting new people, the delicious snacks, and the challenging music! 

What has been the most challenging?

Logistics are sometimes tricky — my daughter's at the age where she's mostly okay by herself, but as a mom I still worry.

What other musical bands, endeavors, or outlets do you pursue?

I have a soprano saxophone I need to learn one of these days. I enjoy singing as well.

What outside of playing music are you passionate about in your life?

Tending the garden, family time, and spinning yarn!

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