Join Hooked on Bands, Inc.

What is Hooked on Bands, Inc., and Why Should You Join?

Hooked on Bands, Inc., (HOB) is a non-profit corporation and the primary sponsor of performances of the Madison New Horizons Concert and Swing Bands. The bands may be engaged through HOB to perform for a variety of public and private events and fundraisers. HOB provides free public concerts during the Christmas Holiday and on Mother’s Day, and sponsors the Fall Door County Band Camp.

HOB is Member Driven

HOB is a membership organization and the membership elects the board of directors. The organization raises funds to offset the costs of events and performances and to purchase and repair instruments that it makes available for the Madison New Horizons Bands to use. HOB makes contributions to fundraising activities that are consistent with its mission to promote the sharing of music with the community. Members are welcome to submit requests for sponsorship or contributions to the board for consideration.

HOB Membership is Open

Membership in HOB is open and is not restricted to members of the Madison New Horizons Bands. Your membership gives you a voice in HOB activities and helps to support our philanthropic mission. You can join HOB either as an annual member for $8.00 a year or you can have a life membership for $30.

HOB Membership is Voluntary

While HOB membership is voluntary and not a requirement for participation in the Madison New Horizons Bands, we welcome and encourage all of our band members, their spouces, significant others, friends, families, associates and supporters to join HOB.

Please click the link below to view and download the membership form. You can mail your form to Emily Link, 2510 Berkley Drive, Madison, WI 53719

Membership Form

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