Excitement Builds for Mothers’ Day Concert As Play List Leaks Out

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Despite heavy security, a complete list of all the compositions the New Horizons Concert Band will play at its annual Mother Days' performance at Olbrich Gardens has found its way to the news media.  According to an Associated Press story that appeared in newspapers across the US and internationally, the band's set list was firmed up late last night by the Band's Directors.  Shortly thereafter, a shadowy figure, known only to certain people as "deep embouchure," apparently left the list at a drop site near the Band's secretive rehearsal facility.  Upon learning of the security breach, Band Director Glenn Nielsen was rumoured to have said, "Darn!"

As a result of the leak, the line up has generated enormous excitement among the Band's fan base and beyond as music lovers of all stripes begin to realize the stylistic breadth and tecnical challenge of the pieces the Band will undertake.  A representative from one ticket outlet said the phones had been ringing non stop and they were likely to run through their ticket allotments.

The concert is Sunday, May 14 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm at Olbrich Garden, 3330 Atwood Avenue, Madison. The list of peices to be performed, according to the AP story, is:  

Rio Con Brio by Hugh M. Stewart

Excerpts from Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland, arranged by Robert Longfield

Into the Joy of Spring by James Swearingen

Mandalen Landscapes by Phiip Sparke

Festal Scenes by Yasuhide Ito

Three American Dances by Hugh M. Stewart

Selections from Disney/Pixar's Up by Michael Giacchino, arranged by Michael Brown

Sousa! A Modern Tribute to the World's March King by Warren Baker

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