Celebrity Chef Turns Up at Band’s Annual Picnic

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imagesAs the New Horizons Band partied late into the night at yesterday's annual picnic gala, a surprise celebrity chef dropped by unexpectedly.  "I heard about the Band's picnic at the last minute and decided to stop in," said Anthony Bourdain, famous chef and television personality.  "I do hope the Band is ok with that." Indeed, the band was having a grand time as members feasted on a bounty of sumptious food. At one table, picnickers declared Bea's BBQ chicken wings among the finest they had ever tasted. Returning the favor, Bea raved over Louise's cobbler.  Meanwhile the wine flowed and the music played.  

Breaking the revelry for just a moment, President Phil delivered a fiery and impassioned speech urging band members to acknowledge the hard work of Lorene in organizing the event.  In response, huzzahs, cheers, and other throaty kinds of thanks were offered up to our grand dame of entertainment.

As the party surged on into the wee hours, Bourdain was seen leaving, apologizing for not being able to stay the distance.  "I have been all around the world sampling the best and finest culinary treats the human race has to offer," he mused. "Yet, right here, in good ol' Wisconsin, is a hidden gem for foodies everywhere."  With that he climbed in his stretch limo and took off.  

Band members took copious photos and as soon as they are downloaded to your humble web editor they will be posted. Check out the first batch here: PICNIC PICS!

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