Celebrating Stride Pianist Cliff Jackson’s Birthday

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cliff jacksonOne of jazz's most powerful stride pianist, Clifton Luther "Cliff" Jackson was born July 19,1902 in Culpeper Viginia. He died in 1970.

According to Wikipeida, he played with Lionel Howard's Musical Aces in 1923, and then shfited to playing nighclubs during the 1930s in New York City.  He accompanied numerous singers inlcuding Viola McCoy, Lena Wilson, Sara Martin, Martha Copeland, Helen Gross, and Clara Smith. He recorded with Sidney Bechet in 1940-41 and toured with Eddie Condon in 1946. As shown by many of his 1944-1945 solo piano recordings, such as "Limehouse Blues", Jackson was one of the most powerful stride piano players. His style was also marked by an interesting contrapuntal-like bass work. His many left hand techniques are found explained in detail in Riccardo Scivales's method Jazz Piano: The Left Hand (Bedford Hills, New York: Ekay Music, 2005).

Here he is in full stride on Crazy Rythm.

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