Antonio Carlos Jobim Born on This Date

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Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, also known as Tom Jobim, was born in Brazil this date in 1927.  Jobim is widely regarded as one of the most important songwriters of the 20th century, and many of his songs are jazz standards. Jobim was also an innovator in the use of sophisticated harmonic structures in popular song. Some of his melodic twists, like the melody insisting on the major seventh of the chord, became common use in jazz after him. For all his contributions, he won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012.

His 1963 album Getz/Gilberto was the first jazz album to win the Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year. It also won for Best Jazz Instrumental Album. The album's single Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema), one of the most recorded songs of all time, won the Record of the Year. His 1967 album with Frank Sinatra, Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim was nominated for Album of the Year in 1968. Here the two sing Desafinado.

Antônio Carlos Jobim was born in Rio de Janeiro into a prominent family. His musical roots were planted firmly in the work of Pixinguinha, the legendary musician and composer who began modern Brazilian music in the 1930s. Jobim was also influenced by the French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, by the Brazilian composers Heitor Villa-Lobos and Ary Barroso, and by jazz. Among many themes, his lyrics talked about love, self-discovery, betrayal, joy and especially about the birds and natural wonders of Brazil, characters of Brazilian folklore and his home city of Rio de Janeiro.

Jobim became prominent in Brazil when he teamed up with poet and diplomat Vinicius de Moraes to write the music for the play Orfeu da Conceição (1956). The most popular song from the show was Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Você (If Everyone Were Like You). 

A key event in making Jobim's music known in the English speaking world was his collaboration with the American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, João Gilberto and Gilberto's wife at the time, Astrud Gilberto, which resulted in two albums, Getz/Gilberto (1963) and Getz/Gilberto Vol. 2 (1964). The release of Getz/Gilberto created a bossa nova craze in the United States. Jobim wrote many of the songs on Getz/Gilberto, which became one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, and turned Astrud Gilberto, who sang onThe Girl from Ipanema and Corcovado, into an international sensation. 

Jobim died on December 8 in New York City from a cardiac arrest following surgery.  His last album, Antonio Brasileiro, was released posthumously three days after his death.

(Excerpted and edited from WIkipedia's biography page of Jobim)

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