Profile of Drummer Arden Mahlberg

ArdenWhat first brought you to the New Horizons Band?

I have always envied tympani players. New Horizons concert band gave me the chance to feel for myself what it is like to play those big, sonorous kettles. Love it!!!

Why do you play the instrument you play? 
A few years ago I was at a camp fire sing-along and someone set a djembe in front of me.  I quickly came to realize that I was getting too old to put off having this kind of fun. I really do belong in the back of the band.
What has been the most enjoyable part of your experience w/ NHB?
My work is complex; my pleasures are simple.  Striking a triangle just right, playing the crash cymbals softly, getting a good roll on the timpani or suspended cymbal – oh, I am easily amused!
What has been the most challenging?
Challenging and fun is to not lose count when Peter is helping us out in the percussion section.Random!  Wild!  Fun! 
What other musical bands, endeavors, or outlets do you pursue?
I get regular opportunities in church for Latin and African instruments and even cajon and wash tub bass in a bluegrass group. I’ve written a couple of pieces of music for church.
What outside of playing music are you passionate about in your life?
You know how the song goes, “Life’s been good to me so far.” I love life. I have wonderful people in my life – my wife, my daughter and her SO in Chicago, my son and his wife and daughter in Washington, my business partners, my clients.  I love time in my kayak, watching and listening to birds, hiking, simple stuff. With my office window open, I get to hear the Vilas Zoo lion roar.  How sweet is that!  My current read, The Ethics of Identity, is pretty typical of what I read every day. People are amazing!
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